We develop your potential,
not grade your skills.

Our methodology is the alchemical substance that transforms your existing capabilities into the increasingly-demanded digital skills. To achieve this goal, we accompany the participants throughout four evolving stages: training, innovation, transformation, and creation.

We research with groups as living organisms to uncover the specific development needs of each person. The research relies on the assessment of core technical and team capabilities and relevant personality aspects.

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Closing the gap of digital talent

Strategic Consulting

We help to transform organizations into innovative ecosystems.


We help our clients to reconstruct the company’s workforce at scale.

Product Development

Developed by client's talent leveraged and trained by our experts

Innovation challenges

We leverage on the collective power of our experts and community.

Transforming the battle to attract talent into a
joint effort to cultivate people.

Diego Luzuriaga

Co-founder & CEO

Throughout his career, Diego has been able to merge the three domains of digital transformation: technology, business, and education. Serial tech and social entrepreneur, venture capital investor, board advisor, coach of entrepreneurs, academic and education innovator. Diego employs the power of collective intelligence for the development of talent.

Juan Pablo Di Pietro

Co-founder & Executive Director

Juan Pablo blends a unique set of management, finance, and technology skills with extensive experience in international telecommunications companies. He is devoted, today, to developing disruptive technology-based solutions for a large range of industries and applications.

Leandro Harillo

Co-founder & Executive Director

Leandro has a passion for transforming any business activity through technological innovation. He dedicated his last 20 years to creating technology-based products and companies in several areas, such as education, gastronomy, logistics, entertainment, and medicine. He served many private companies, governments and NGOs, both in Latin America.


Employees have not mastered the digital skills they need for their jobs today.


Managers don’t think their employees can keep pace with future skills needs.


Organizations have reached a scale for their digital initiatives.

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Join the Alchemit learning experience platform

Upon our experience, communities produce a multiplying effect on talent. Co-creational activities tied to specific business problems accelerate community members' learning process.
If you want to become a member of our community, please, send an e-mail to:
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