Case studies

BINIT is a tech company focused on innovative businesses and creating value by generating and applying disruptive technologies for organizations of all sizes, industries, business areas, and countries


In recent years, BINIT has been chosen by numerous companies to generate technological innovation solutions in very diverse areas such as agribusiness, security, transport, gastronomy, logistics and medicine. Faced with this complex scenario, BINIT saw the need to incorporate new members to his Development Team. However, the high demand for these professionals in the market represented an obstacle to the exponential growth that the company was experiencing.

For this reason, BINIT decides to start an innovative talent recruiting and retention process so that they can develop their potential within the company, turning to ALCHEMIT as a Talent Upskilling solution.


Following ALCHEMIT methodology, it is assumed that each person, even without formal knowledge, can enhance their development. ALCHEMIT uses a series of psychometric and attitudinal analysis tools to find the most effective way to enhance their skills. To apply the method in BINIT, metrics based on personality attributes were defined, beyond the technical skills necessary to perform the developer position. By measuring potential, resilience and aspiration, an internal training process was generated based on a framework where all members participate and exchange the knowledge acquired.

The greatest success was reflected in the reduction of the training time of the prospects and in the acquisition of the specific skills required for the position.


The impact of the application of the ALCHEMIT method is seen in the incorporation of 80 people who today develop their potential in BINIT. The encounter between new technologies and personal achievements resulted in an extreme diversity of talents. From technicians and university students to people with minimal professional training, including philosophers, chemists, engineers and designers, with a wide age range -from 20 to 50 years old- and from different geographies, they currently make up the BINIT work team.

Through ALCHEMIT, methodology, BINIT has formed a fully trained and integrated team, with a high level of loyalty that is demonstrated by a very low turnover rate for the technological development market.